As a Sarpanch of the Se Old Goa village panchayat, I take the honor to release of newly developed official website for the betterment of the people. With our website, citizens of the Se Old Goa village panchayat can easily download the forms and require information on just a single click. It is a very convenient and time-saving way, where people save the time of travel to the panchayat just to collect the form. You can also get entire details about the schemes and the services we offer on our official website.

After the launch of our website, I assure you that our website will be live 24*7 throughout the year with the regular updates.

Smt. Medha M. Parvatkar, Sarpanch
Smt. Medha M. Parvatkar, Sarpanch


License for Hotels/ Shops/ Restaurant/ Eating House/ Coffee House/ Sweet Meat Shop/ Bakery/ Boarding etc. 4) Permission for construction of factories/ Installation of Machinery. 5) License for using any place for Trade, Business or Industry.


Application Form for Birth and Death Certificate Application Form for Income Certificate Application for Permission for Repairs to Building FORM III (Residence Certificate) Form IV Application for NOC for Water-Electrical connection


Requirements for Senior Citizen Pension (60 yrs& Above). Requirements For Widow Pension (Below 60 Yrs). Requirements for Disabled Person. Requirements for Transfer of Pension.